Coliving & Coworking in Ericeira - Portugal

Gathering People

Coworking is redefining the way we do work.

We are reshaping the economy and the society through
social entrepreneurship and innovation, gathering people, aim to rebuild more human scale, networked, and sustainable economies to build a better world.


Gathering likeminded digital nomads

Sunago from the Greek "gathering people" is a coliving and coworking house located around Ericeira, a seaside resort and world-renowned surf location in Portugal close from famous capital Lisbon.

We gather passionate people from different backgrounds, but who are united by like-minded thinking, bringing coliving and coworking all together under one roof.

At Sunago you can balance your life, share your experiences and create lasting connections from meeting new people from all over the world while discovering all that the Portuguese coast has to offer.



Feel inspired and adventurous.

Our discreet coliving & coworking is located in a exclusive world surf reserve in Europe, worldwide famous destination for many surf travellers and ocean lovers.
Ericeira is a solid place to balance your life between work and outdoor activities. 

Portugal already won more than 27 European awards regarding tourism in 2019 while preserving his heritage and way of life.


This is the place to be in Europe.

Traditions meets serious

Our house is a traditional Portuguese villa with renovated spaces to feel like home.

An inspiring place with modern decoration, a spacious garden with an open dedicated workspace.
Large coliving spaces with tons of natural light and outdoor patios with plants and fruits trees.

You will be surprised by the quietness of the place, where it’s easy to relax and stay social.


Moving forward, working together.

Coworking at Sunago is more than just a comfortable office space and high-speed internet. We offer you a place to share knowledge and learn new skills from top professionals from all over the world. 

You’ll expand your network, grow professionally and take your productivity to the next level in a relaxed and creative environment.

Work comfortably, be productive, and forge meaningful connections. At Sunago, you're home.

Ready to book and stay at Sunago?

Private rooms start from 40€/day  
Shared rooms from 20€/day


Trusted by employees from

Amazon Web Services

Since we opened in March 2020, Sunago has hosted workers from companies from all over the world.

Enjoying an ergonomic, calm working environment where the emphasis is on productivity with an ideal balance between work and leisure.

This is our conception of the future of work!