Ericeira, Portugal.

Ericeira, picturesquely draped across sandstone cliffs above the blue atlantic, sunny, whitewashed walls, the portuguese town welcomes visitors from all over the world to its narrow streets and seafood restaurants, its spectacular ocean vistas and the feeling of being on holiday all year round.

Recognised as one of the world’s surfing reserves and the only one in Europe since 2011 many competitions and profesional surfers are visiting this surf mecca and called it home.

Its a perfect fusion of Portuguese heritage with an relaxed surfing ambiance with a lively and buzzing summer, amazing nightlife, and quieter winters.

We think that the environment where we live defines us somehow, this place has become our loving home, whether you stay with us for a week or a month, we hope that this place will inspire you and make you feel free.


Discover The Portuguese Surf Meca

The people behind Sunago


David Buan

Co-Founder & CEO

Prior to Co found Sunago House, David was an award-winning video games developer. He was also a self-taught developer in architectural rendering, virtual reality and real-time computer graphics.
He developed some of the best selling video games of all time like the "Grand Theft Auto" series, until he realized that he spent too many hours seating behind computers screens.

After a short but successful career in games, he decided to quit for a new path, meeting folks, traveling the world while co-organizing surf safaris, teaching people how to surf was his new lifestyle.

Discovering this passion of bringing all these people together which ultimately led him to set up Sunago, gathering a community of like minded nomads.

Leader of the vision of Sunago, he’s in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly.

Born in the south of France, he is now living in Ericeira.

Samara Figueiredo Calió

Co-founder & COO

Before joining David in creating Sunago, Samara studied journalism and international relations in her home town, in São Paulo.

As a world dreamer, she already participated in United Nation Models and her passion for cultures also made her live in the United States, New Zealand and Morocco, either for fun, work or studies. 

Samara worked with worldwide renowned companies of the tourism sector and her multiple experiences became a great asset for making Sunago come true.

Besides being in charge of Sunago’s operations, she also makes sure that each individual feels heard and understood.

When not managing Sunago, she is planning her next trip around the planet.

Born in Brazil, with a portuguese citizenship, Samara now lives in Ericeira.  


We embrace humanity in its entirety, celebrating our differences, uniqueness and individuality while guaranteeing fairness and freedom for every guests. We are citizens of the world.


Our company is dedicated to excellence, offering the best to our guests with high-end services while keeping sustainability and acting in an environmentally friendly way.

Healthy minds, bodies and souls is our leitmotiv. We gravitate towards positive mindsets, healthy ingredients and active lifestyles. 



We dream big, we remain inspired by the human spirit, we’re always in forward motion, pursuing our passions and igniting imaginations of nomads.

Our values at Sunago


For several years now Ericeira has been one of the official stages of the world surfing league, where prestigious competitors defend their titles on the mythical waves of Ribeira d'ilhas.

It's also in Ericeira, that the Portuguese surf film festival, has been organized for several consecutive years where you find the screening of films made in Portugal but also international often in world premiere.


The 12th edition of the Portugal Surf Awards awarded in 2021 the award for "the best surf club" to Ericeira's surf club where future generations of surfers are trained and supervised with passion.

Ericeira has been registered as a world surfing reserve since 2011, and the only one in Europe. Surf spots are therefore protected to allow surfers from all over the world to discover this gem.