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Sunago is not just a place to sleep and work, joining us is being part of a family that supports and cares to each others, lighting up people’s imagination and ambition to do great things.

We are gathering passionate people from different backgrounds, but who are united by like-minded thinking. With daily surf, events, social dinners... there is always something to do, say bye to loneliness, boredness and join our amazing community!

This is what makes Sunago so special!

A vibrant community on the portuguese coastline.




 Live as part of a community build meaningful friendships, work together, start new projects.

A second family


A sense of unity

Being location independent can be tough. At Sunago. you’ll find other sharing your passions and struggles.

A local experience


Feel immersed in local culture with our hosts who are here to make your experience as easy as possible. 

"Ocean and slower pace of life" there’s not much to worry about. You’ll quickly learn why work smarter, live better is our motto and how to apply it to your own life.

The Portuguese Way Of Life

Social Activities

Explore and experience new things through social activities organized by our staff.

A full team support

Our team knows Portugal very well and will be able to direct you whether your stay in Portugal is temporary or whether you want to move permanently here.

Sunago Global Citizens
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