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Our coworking space surrounded by a large garden is fully isolated from the accomodation to allow you to concentrate, innovate and to feel inspired to best carry out your professional and personal projects.

Here in Sunago, ​we are a group of connected individuals, we highlight the sharing of knowledge and collaborative learning, to the detriment of long and tiring hours spent alone behind a screen.

Enjoy high speed wifi and access to calm, inspiring work desks with ergonomic touch, natural light, office style chairs and minimalist decoration.

A pioneer coworking space on the atlantic coast. 

Everything you need to stay focused and be inspired.

Coworking Space Amenities

Flexible working hours

Work remotely at your own pace without constraints in our coworking space, carry out effectively all your projects.

Food & Drinks

To stay hydrated mineral water, tea and coffee are at your disposal for free, fridge and microwave to keep and warm your snacks at the kitchen.

Skype room


When you need to take a call, make your way to our designated skype room and find privacy.

Internet fiber connection

200 mbps up/down internet makes sure you travel at light speed like Luke skywalker.

Output devices

We put at your disposal a scanner / printer for all your paper work, recycled mouse pads and laptop supports.

International community

Our diverse network of location independent professionals brings new knowledge and perspective that can lead to endless opportunities.

Interested only in Coworking?
It's possible at Sunago.

Daily pass from 15€      
Weekly from 50€
Monthly from 150€ 

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