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All these activities are available in Sunago
regardless of the length of your stay because balancing work and leisure is one of our priorities.
For prices please contact directly our staff.

Outdoor activities 

Working hard is a good thing but you also have to know how to feed your mind and your body.
So with our partners we have developed some amazing outdoor activities for you, working with the most recognized professionals around, no more no less, to offer you the best of Ericeira.


Viktor Guérig
Your Yoga Instructor

Viktor grew up in Switzerland.

He developed interest in diverse cultural concepts of health and general well being. He turned his interests into profession. Immersed into the yoga philosophy, became a yoga teacher and over the years also received many trainings for various massage techniques around the world.

He keeps on following his passion and centres his life on surfing, yoga, and massages.
He moved to Ericeira in 2012, being close to the waves while teaching yoga.



Miguel Fortes is one of the best surfers in Ericeira.
Respected surfer, Billabong rider, recognized Surf instructor certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

Michel Amaro has a degree in Physical Education in the area of ​​sports training, fitness and leisure.
He started surfing with 14 years in Ericeira and was International Surf judge for 20 years in the Professional Surfers Association.
Respected surfer, recognized Surf instructor certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

Miguel & Michel
Your Local Watermen Experts
Ricardo Ribeiro 
Your Beach Volley Personal Trainer

Ricardo is born in Lisbon now living in Ericeira since 2018.

After graduating in Marketing Management, he worked 10 years in the Public Health area, than moved into tourism managing his own guesthouse in Lisbon.

Started playing volleyball at school, attending beach camps back in the 90s, than continued playing in the University team in the late 90s. Played in several teams in Lisbon´s amateur league and started coaching in 2009 in girls amateur competition, than more recently as an assistant coach for the national 3rd Portuguese division.

David Buan
Your coastal hiking guide


David is born close to the Mediterranean sea but has been visiting Ericeira regularly for the past 10 years, exploring the coast on foot looking for the best waves around.

Discovering with him what makes Ericeira a unique place in Portugal and learning more about the history of this coast.

Breathtaking landscapes, secret places for sunsets, nothing will hold any more secrets for you.


logo utima.png


This trio of brazilians climbing instructors (2017 and 2021 National champions) combine over 25 years climbing professionally and over 6 years opening boulder lines in Ericeira using the natural outdoor environment.

With them, you will build your confidence and get a deeper understanding of the outdoor climbing world.

The outdoor climbing experience is suitable for everyone.From early beginner to late intermediate's, from rope climbing, bouldering, to night climb events.


Muri,Thiago & Matheus Veloso
Experts Outdoor Climbers
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